Burning Desire by Michael J. Bonema: a dark romantic horror with comedic twists. It tells the tale of a fire deeply rooted in revenge and devastation, masked with an intricate beauty. It begins somewhere along the borders of Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire, the home of the Dan tribe. A mediocre mask carver, kin to the tribe, hails the weight of lackluster dexterity. His masks bring him ridicule amongst the community. With days and months of a building desire to make an impressive mask and to only be met with failed attempts, he grew vengeful. The ceremonial masks are used for dance and are said to be spirits that have manifested themselves as masks. Different masks possess different responsibilities. One day the low self-esteemed mask carver awakes and treads into his living room to be met by a delightful surprise: a very finely carved, wooden mask. One with eyes wiped with white clay. A color that says it is beautiful. Around the chin are leopard teeth. They aren’t real. They’ve been made out of a metal called brass. The teeth remind everyone that the forest where it’s from… is a fierce place.